Andrew Morrell Photography, Wedding Joy, Light & Laughter!

Andrew Morrell Wedding Photographer

I am not sure which I like more, Andrew Morrell’s incredible artistic talent or his clients who let their inner light shine for his camera. This photographer is truly unique, he is a master at making his clients smile, I mean really smile. That smile that comes out right before you start to laugh – that smile! I met Andrew online before I had the chance to meet him in person. He had me laughing right from the start. He has a quick wit and is an excellent conversationalist. His images are deeply moving and deeply heartfelt. The top photo on this page is a favorite of mine because the grooms entire body was all in for this pic. He went for it, I don’t know what Andrew said to the groom to get this much stretch and movement but it worked. I love it!

Fairfax VA Wedding Rings

I have seen a MILLION ring shots, hand in hand pictures. YAWN. I know the couples must have them. I have my own ring pictures, they are special to me and they will come in handy the next time my ring falls down the drain and I have to pull out those pics for my insurance claim. BUT this picture, I love this picture. It’s real and sweet and furry. Andrew is an animal lover so when he can add images of beloved pets in the mix he creates something warm enough to make a ring shot interesting.

Jewish Wedding DC

Movement – Mr. Morrell is not afraid of capturing great moments in action. He has lots of images on his page and site where you can see the natural moments of joyous movement. Not blurred, no weird faces – not easy to do for even the best photographers.

Washington DC Wedding

I stare at this image and get lost in the story. The story I made up in my mind was about a couple madly in love, strolling through DC, unable or unwilling to stop holding hands. I love her hat, she has her own style, its fun and brings out her inner beauty. He is crazy about her, loves to look at her and wake up next to her. He thinks about her perfume when they are apart. They eat dinner at 9pm sipping wine and talking until 2am, they never run out of things to talk about, he makes her laugh. It is a beautiful love story – in my mind.

DC Wedding Photographer

Another great eternal moment, don’t you just love the way they are looking at each other? When someone you love looks at you like that, in that moment with that backdrop – life is incredible and everything is good in the world.

DC Wedding Photographer

I am pretty sure Andrew has the best clients in the world. If Andrew is not keeping you laughing until you snort wine all over your wedding dress, your laugh switch is broken. I have no idea who this lady is but I love her, just based on her shoe selection she is my pick for best friend to hang out with and laugh until you pee your pants. She is a happiness tornado and it’s captured oh so well right here!

Grooms Washington DC

Are these two actually walking off into the sunset? Its really too perfect. The groom on the left has this look, wow, that look. When someone looks at you like that, you know you can relax and give year heart away. It is in safe hands.

Wedding Bouquet Toss

The bouquet toss, lots of movement here and yet the bride is beautiful. Nothing, NOTHING is worse than looking once in a life time amazing and the photographer catches you in motion making an odd or strange face. “I don’t look like that”!!

Wedding Dog

This is not a wedding image, unless maybe there is a bow tie or flower wreath I can’t see here from this angle. I pulled this picture from Andrew’s Facebook page because its freaking adorable! I want to kiss that dog!

Washington DC Bride

A good photographer will do anything to get that perfect shot. I think Andrew may be hanging from a chandelier, it’s fine! He is insured. This is one of the true marks of a professional – they reduce your liability by keeping their liability insurance policies current! So, when you see him hanging from the rafters to get a great shot, no worries.

Engagement Photo Shoot

Again, how does Andrew get these clients to relax and have fun? I don’t know but he seems to bring out the inner joy from his clients and get their personalities to shine. PS to the bride to be, men never stop playing with toys, grab a super hero and just go with it.

Andrew Morrell Photography, wedding joy, light & laugher

Andrew Morrell Photography guarantees 5 times the joy and laughter if you book his services for your wedding.

Washington DC Groom

If you ever, EVER, EVER, EVER have anyone look at you like this, do whatever it takes to keep the love strong. I am going to make a bold and baseless claim that a human being may only ever have 1 or possibly 2 people in their lifetime who look at them with this much devotion, desire, happiness, gratitude…. This moment was captured forever thanks to Andrew Morrell’s dedication to making sure he is right there when the magic happens. This moment would be lost forever if the couple had lower standards for their photography selection. Many claim to be a photographer, most just have a camera and a contract with nothing else added in. Choose wisely.

Wedding day in Washington DC

This is a gorgeous image, its sweet and romantic. But I picked it because I imagined Andrew running up and down that walkway 10 or 20 times getting multiple angles and distances to get this great image. I see how hard you work, it is appreciated!

Andrew Morrell Photography, wedding joy, light & laugher

This is the type of image that launches a thousand photography careers. “It looks so easy”.

Fairfax VA Bride and Groom

I hope this last image makes you smile and think about the incredible moment captured forever. When you decide to book a photographer please don’t risk hiring someone who would miss an awesome shot like this. When its over there is only your memories and your photos. They are too precious to risk by investing in a friend or amateur. Find out more about Andrew Morrell Photography by visiting his site and Facebook page. The images are incredible!

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