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Backstage Pass – Airlie Center featuring Taylor Made Weddings

Darlene Taylor with Taylor Made Weddings is featured here setting up and styling a spring wedding at The Airlie Center.  Planning for this wedding begins months in advance with meetings, hours of style and design discussions, Pinterest boards, floor plans, tastings & interviews with vendors. On the morning of the wedding there is so much to do. Flowers are coming in from Washington DC.  Airlie staff is setting up tables, linens and chairs in the ceremony site. Chefs are preparing gourmet catering for over 100 guests. A chuppah with peonies and moss is carefully put up next to white wooden chairs at the ceremony site. I find Darlene hammering little pegs into a huge board so she can dangle over 100 guest name tags and seating arrangements on the little pegs AND its a bit windy. She is cool and relaxed which immediately makes me feel at ease, like everything is under control. This is good, because event staff and vendors are rushing here and there to set up the reception and ceremony site. Darlene has a thick notebook binder with seating charts, notes, names, vendors contacts and guest information. Her cell phone is strapped to her arm in a serious phone holster, she gives off a calm presence but you know who is in charge.

During my visit the bride was getting her pictures taken near the lake and in the gardens on the Airlie Center property. I was able to see the ceremony and reception set up before all the guests began to arrive. It was going to be a beautiful wedding. Cocktails would be served in the garden under blue skies. A dj on the lawn nearby to entertain and make sure guest stay and dance until the end of the wedding.  Every centerpiece on each round table was simple but elegant. During these festivities there may be so much fun and enjoyment from the wedding guests that not a thought is given to the months of planning and hours of set up. And if you have an excellent wedding planner that is exactly how it should be, the excitement of the big day should be the focus. In the world of weddings there are only a few super star event planners.  There is no such thing as a perfect event. Something always happens that creates challenges and someone has to come up with solutions. ALWAYS! A great planner will solve these issues and no one will ever know that there was a mishap, spills, lost items, late vendors, broken décor, missing chairs, fallen cakes, linen color mistakes, etc… Planners like Darlene Taylor are in short supply. She has years of experience, awards and excellent reviews. It was a privilege to see her in action. It is clear to see that she loves weddings and has a true passion for working with couples.

One last note, you can tell that you have an excellent event planner by the supply box or case they carry with them. An excellent planner has a carry all that looks like a game of eye spy. You can find paperclips, duct tape, sewing kits, Tide spot cleaners, pins, mints and in Darlene’s bag of necessities we find a big mallet for hammering pegs.

You can find Darlene Taylor at www.taylormade-weddings.com or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TaylorWed?pnref=lhc


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