Barn Venues are a top pick every year from VAWE Network’s registered brides! Why are barn venues and countryside weddings so popular? For the same reason beach weddings are so popular, they are part of the local culture and history of the region. Many who live here grew up driving through the gorgeous Virginia countryside with views of mountains, big red barns, haylofts and acres of lush greenery for miles. Those who grow up in New York City or have a fascination with NYC have a romantic image in their minds of Central Park, luxury modern hotels, and urban romance. The same is true for our region. Virginia, DC, MD, WV have incredible variety in our wedding options. While one couple is enjoying their dream wedding on Virginia beach, 30 miles away another bride is getting married in a century-old rustic charming barn.

Another reason barn weddings are so popular is the fun you can have dressing up these interesting & unique spaces. We have thousands of barns scattered about the countryside. No two are alike and they all offer interesting space & designs. Some of them have hay lofts, some are brand new modern structures with every elegant offering, some are over 100 years old with characteristics they just don’t build anymore. We love our barn weddings and photo shoots and this page is dedicated to our brides & grooms that envision and chic countryside wedding with enough space for your guest to have one incredible celebration!

If this type of wedding is on the top of your list then please call us to find the barn our countryside venue that fits your specific needs. We will send you a list of barn venues in your area with the capacity you need and the wedding date or time frame you desire. Selecting your venue is very important. Some venues charge couples hidden fees and make your vendors pay to provide services at the venue. This can result in your preferred vendors declining to work at that venue and you could end up paying thousands of dollars more than you had budgeted. Call us first and we will connect with Fair Practices Venues and Vendors! 540-395-1752