Great News! Couples searching for wedding services and packages on a budget have a lot of options. If you have reasonable expectations and a list of your priorities, we can help you find a venue and vendors that will be thrilled to work with you and your budget. Setting a modest budget is an admirable goal, after all, love is not about how much you can spend but how you can create a setting for your wedding that will focus on the sentiment of the day. Having a budget does not mean you can’t enjoy an incredible venue, DJ, flowers, wedding cake, catering, decor and all the other services you need.

We can help you put your must haves list together, we can help you connect with vendors who have packages and special offers that can save you money. Having a budget wedding is not about negotiating vendors out of their rates and minimizing their value. We like to think that it is more about focusing on how in love you are and using the elements of your romance, your life together & your love story in your wedding planning. If your main focus is celebrating how much you adore each other, families merging & dreams coming true, then you are already set for the best wedding day two people could have. Getting caught up in all the things that you see in magazines, on tv or Pinterest will not make your marriage more successful. If it’s not in your budget, let it go. It is like the Rolling Stones say, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need”.

We believe that every couple deserves a beautiful wedding, every couple deserves to feel special. Trying to find budget friendly options can be challenging so please contact VAWE Network so we can help connect you with great vendors. We won’t be about to help you plan a wedding with 500 guests for $1000 but if you have realistic expectations and a reasonable budget we can help you find what you need.