Business Mooch
Didi Russell
WHAT COMES FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? Paying the cost of doing business first or trying to book clients so you can afford to invest in basic business requirements? Below is a conversation I have had over and over with many different business owners. Some business owners will do what ever it takes to save a few dollars and refuse to invest in basic business tools and requirements.
Business Owner “Hey Didi, can you refer my business to your brides. I need to book some weddings.”
Me “Do you have a website, biz license, social media pages, business insurance, experience, references?”
Business Owner “No, I need to book some business before I can get those things.”
Me, “No… need to have a legitimate business before you ask for referrals. No website, no social media, no business license, no insurance, NO marketing or advertising plan. How can you provide quality service to couples if you will not invest in basic business tools clients will expect? Every business can’t have everything on their wish list right from the beginning but the basics should be covered.”
Business Owner, “Again, I need to book weddings before I can get those things, if you help me get some weddings then I will get lic. insurance, website, etc…”
Me,”Why would I risk my reputation referring clients to you when you are not willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your business has at least the basic qualifications? If you are serious about succeeding in business you will do whatever it takes to make sure the basics of business are covered before you take fees from clients. I will not refer your business but I am happy to help you create a smart plan so that you can get your business necessities covered.
Business Owner, “It’s a double edge sword, I can’t do these things until I book weddings, I can’t book weddings without leads and referrals. If you send me some leads I will give you a commission.”
Me, “I do not accept referral fees or commissions. There is no double edge sword here, you are not willing to do whatever it takes to cover the cost of basic business expenses. I can’t help you take short cuts. Referrals from business to business are supposed to be a two way street and based on what is best for the client – NOT what is best for you. Your colleagues have to pay for all these basic business expenses. It does not seam like a fair deal for them to pay for these expenses so you can mooch off a legitimate business to gain access to what they worked hard for, invested in and earned the right way. It seems like your business plan is to do the least amount of work and preparation and just mooch of those who are willing to do the right thing and are reaping the benefits of their smart planning.”
I have had this conversation with so many business owners over the past 5 years. There is NO easy shortcut. If you are not a qualified business then you can’t entice or access qualified clients. If you have your basic business requirements covered, you still have to have a plan for reaching qualified clients. DO NOT EXPECT OTHERS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE BOOKING BRIDES, REACHING BRIDES, INVESTING IN SMART BUSINESS TOOLS & PLANS, ETC….You should NEVER EVER expect others to bail you out of your poor planning. You should have a plan to make sure your basic business tools are covered when you start a business. You should bring value to your colleagues not just take value from them. 
When I started my business 6 years ago, I could not afford a website. So, I had to use Facebook for my website, making sure I had all my information and services clearly defined and accessible to potential clients. The moment I had enough money for a site I invested in one. Every business has challenges and struggles but you can’t just call yourself a business one day with no planning and no real foundation or plan for success. The type of business that just starts up unprepared will not likely be around very long. If you are a start up business or you are moving from a part time business to full time business owner I would love to help you create a smart plan for success. Inbox me to set up a time to talk about your business goals,