VAWE Network resources are being used every day by Wedding vendors, venues and engaged couples in 32 states as well as 18 countries around the world. VAWE Network provides educational and marketing resources for wedding industry businesses and their staff members and acts as a FREE resource to engaged couples looking to employ the most professional and ethical local wedding vendors and venues as well as a source of wedding industry insider tips, trends, and advice.

We do not have any services to sell to couples and we are not in competition with the vendors we represent. Our mission is to help bring awareness to the local wedding and event industry’s small business owners who provide excellent products and service to brides that are actively seeking wedding services. We believe that business owners who work together with professionalism and positivity are the best way to develop a healthy and thriving wedding services community.

Working together, we can bring more awareness for the small businesses in this industry and encourage more brides, couples, and corporate clients to use local services. When you select a vendor listed in our directory you are supporting someone in our community that is well known and trusted within the wedding industry.

When brides and grooms view our directory they gain access to hundreds of wedding venues and vendor listings. This is an easy to use resource for finding all of the wedding services you need. But more than that, you’ll get local listings of vendors that are committed to Fair Practices. This is a set of guidelines dedicated to providing honest and ethical services to engaged couples. Some venues have hidden fees or force you to hire their wedding vendors, not because these are the BEST vendors for you, but because these vendors are forced to pay high fees to work in that venue. If you don’t know which venues commit to supporting fair practices you could be paying thousands more than necessary for your wedding. To avoid selecting venues with hidden fees, event management services fees and other wedding budget busters, please call first for listings of Fair Practices venues.

We can call and schedule your venue tours, make sure you tour venues that can meet your needs and have your preferred wedding date available. Variety is the spice of life! When engaged couples have the freedom to select from a wide variety of vendors and options for their wedding they get exactly what they want for less money and are much happier with the results.

Didi Russell
Founder and CEO
1606 Hartwood Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22406