Chelsea & Zack’s Wedding, Waveland Farm & Venue

Winchester VA Wedding Barn

Special thanks to Chelsea & Zack for sharing their wedding with us. This wedding is special in many ways but having the first wedding at Waveland Farm & Venue set’s the tone for many successful future weddings to come at this family farm! Visit their website

“We choose to hold both our wedding ceremony and reception at the farm because it’s where Zach’s family has lived his whole life (and it has a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Apple Orchards he grew up playing in as a kid).  In addition to the sentimental reasons behind us deciding on the farm, we also wanted to have a space where we could be outside for both the ceremony and reception as well as a space that was more on the rustic side.  Another plus side of having it at the farm was that we had total control over how things were setup, the timing of the day and just being able to pick whatever date we wanted  His grandparents originally purchased the property when his Mom was a kid.  Later, Zach’s parents built their home on another part of the land and have lived there since he was about 8.  Back when his grandparents first moved to the farm, they would clean out the bays and hold line dancing parties in the barn.  As they got older and the farm grew larger, the barn became too much work to consistently clean out the hay, wood and tractors. It had been more than 30 years since the last event in the barn so deciding to use the barn as part of our wedding was a big undertaking.

We completely cleaned everything out and made repairs where needed to bring it back to its dancing and party days. During the cleanup and restoration of the barn, Zach’s parents found a section of wood in the tackle room that was signed by a gentlemen named C.W. Steele and dated July 15, 1912. We love continuing to find new pieces of history on the farm. With the property as a whole dating back to the 1800’s, many stories and memories have taken place on the farm and we are really enjoyed adding another chapter with our dream wedding!”

Sentimental details, gestures and traditions in the making…

During the ceremony, we held 4 empty seats along the front row labeled reserved for my close family members that have passed away (all were on my Dad’s side of the family including my Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Julia).

In the barn (reception area), along the wall above our candy bar we had photos of my family members that have passed as well as photos from our parents’ and grandparents’ wedding days.

For the ring box, Zach built it out of a cherry tree limb that he saved when the tree was hit by lighting. The tree was planted by his great-grandmother as a present to his grandparents when they moved to the farm. I sewed the small pillow for the inside of the box out of a piece of my mom’s wedding dress.

Wedding Shoes

Zach and his Dad also built the arbor we used for our ceremony.  We really tried to incorporate as many handmade items as well as antique farm equipment in our décor as much as possible.

Wedding Arbor, Winchester VA

Being surrounded by the Apple Orchards and seeing the cattle in the field really made us feel comfortable and relaxed. It was a great setting for a fun celebration of our big day.