Getting To Know, Bliss In The Barn Wedding Venue

Wedding Barn Maryland

The wedding industry can be a mystery to navigate and manage. Venue owners struggle to find real information on how to start a wedding industry business. Some would say it takes a lot of passion and an adventurous spirit to become a venue owner since much of your strategy will be trial and error based on your intuition not readily available facts! That makes wedding industry professionals quite brave in my book. Cindy Bliss is the owner of Bliss In The Barn wedding venue in La Plata, Maryland. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her wedding industry business journey.

Cindy officially opened for business in May of 2016 with no experience running a wedding venue. Though, she is not a business novice. She has used her direct sales experience in business personalities, negotiation, sales, business ethics and relationship building to succeed as a venue owner. Cindy says she, “I have owned other businesses for 25 years. I love working for me, being my own boss, creating a legacy for my family and spending time with people I love.”

How did you come up with the name of your venue? My last name is Bliss It’s a Tobacco Barn and when we have events there it’s Blissful!!”

What sets your wedding venue apart from others? ” Our venue is an authentic Southern Maryland tobacco barn on our family’s farm. We grew up there and so did our children. It’s our family’s home and people feel that. They feel our family, the love and the history. It’s like being at home”

What is the most rewarding part of running your business?The Bride saying ” best day ever and you made it happen”

Could you share some client/wedding moments that stand out to you?
“The Groom Rick did not want to get married in a Barn! And the Bride  Heather was very hurt. So I said just ask Rick to come look at the venue and meet us ( my niece and me) and then he can make a decision. He said yes and after the wedding he hugged us and said it was you two who made me want to have our wedding here. We are still friends and they help us at the barn with some fund raising we do for Veterans with PTSD.”

Please share a time or occasion where something went wrong on the job and you were able to step up and save the day? “There was one wedding day when it rained like crazy and we remained calm, moved the ceremony inside and let the lightning do its thing. Being in the barn in a thunderstorm is an experience in itself. Having a wedding through it all was crazy!”

Please share something you would like to share with brides & grooms to help educate them about the value of your services?We will never have a concrete floor. It’s a barn and we love it that way. If you want a barn wedding then we are what you are looking for. From BBQ to beef Wellington we have done it in the barn it’s the perfect place.”

Let’s get a little personal, can you share your favorite movie, music, vacation spot, band?Pretty Woman, anything but John Maxwell, Skiing in Utah, Tina Turner!”

Do you have a proud accomplishment you would like to share? “Starting the venue so that I can pass it to my niece!!”

Do you have any talents or hobbies you would like to share?I made most of the furniture in the barn out of the old fences, I can weld and I do a lot of the maintenance at the farm AND I’m a Sales Director with Mary Kay. I like my diverse life and I love to meet new people. My advice is surround yourself with people who make you better!! Iron sharpens Iron.”

Please share how you manage home and work?Balance but never equal. When you are at work be at work. When at home be at home. Set specific times to be in your office so the family knows you have a schedule. Treat your business like a business so they respect you and YOU respect yourself.”

Thank you so much Cindy Bliss for allowing us to get to know you and more about your journey as a wedding business owner. If you want to tour Bliss In The Barn for your wedding you can find them here: