Luxury Weddings are not required by every couple but certain brides & groom have elegance & refinement as their priority. Understanding the needs of these couples takes years of experience and knowledge in managing high end weddings. There are hundreds of venues that cater to clients with a budget of $50,000 or more. When a couple decides to invest a substantial amount into their wedding, they do so because every detail is well designed and significant. They have a very specific set of requirements and are willing to make sure they research to find venues and vendors who have a proven track record for successfully providing luxury services. These couples must have a great deal of trust in the wedding venue and vendors they select.

Not every wedding vendor or venue is interested in accommodating luxury weddings. So we have featured here a list of the wedding venues who strive for excellence and exceed expectation in the provision of luxury weddings. Once you have had a chance to view the listings below, please contact us at 540-395-1752. Our staff will contact the venues you are most interested in viewing, we can schedule your tours and even review your list of priorities with each venue before your tour is scheduled. This will help you alleviate wasted time by touring venues that may not have capacity you require, may not have the details or accommodations that suit your specific taste & style. Once you have selected your venue we can help you connect with vendors who offer service to clients like you on a regular basis.

Some of the venues below are featured in our Luxury Venue list and in other venue categories. While these venues cater to clients who desire only the most refined wedding elements, they may also offer packages and services for weddings of smaller budgets. So, if you see them here it does not mean that you must have a certain budget to book your wedding here, it simply means these venues are very well experienced in accommodating weddings for clients who have requirements that are above and beyond they average wedding. These venues value every client and treat every couple as if they had a million dollar budget. Please do not be discouraged to contact these venues and ask about all of their packages and services. Contact Didi Russell for luxury wedding listings, 540-395-1752