Meet Vince Brantley, DJ Major of Bsquare Productions

Washington DC Wedding DJ

Vince Brantley is charismatic, he is charming and fun. I think couples love him because he makes them feel like a friend right away. Vince just has that sincere quality that makes people want to be around him. I have had the pleasure of working with Vince, AKA DJ Major many times. He is always early, always prepared and he may have the absolute best DJ set up I have ever seen. That is a bold statement and not one I hand out lightly. But I am sensitive to bad or mediocre DJ gear so when I see one that impresses me, I want to make sure it is appreciated. Vince is a true professional, he has an incredible amount of wedding experience at tons of venues all over the metro area. He also have lots of club, corporate and special occasion experience. I like the blending of styles, he is not stuffy but not to casual. He brings the excitement but understands the couple is the star. You may think there are tons of wedding DJ’s in the region, but I know how few true professionals really are available. The number is small and Mr. Brantley has certainly earned his spot in earning the title of professional wedding entertainer and outstanding event DJ. Get to know him, please visit his website and Facebook page.

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ABOUT Vince Brantley, DJ Major:

“I am DJ MAJOR.  Thank you for considering me as your DJ of Choice.  I will do all I can to make your event memorable and earn the honor of being a part of your special occasion.  Please search my website, and check back for updates.  You’ll find photos that may help you to visualize my ability to customize my capability to your desires and price.  Call me at anytime if you have questions (571) 294-5162.  My service is exceptional and my prices are reasonable.  I am confident we can work together to exceed your expectations while remaining within your budget.  Looking forward to your business.”

How he became a DJ:

“My passion for singing kept me in the Karaoke circle.  And when my Command needed a Karaoke DJ for a Unit party three years ago, they asked me for a recommendation.  However, through a twist of fate, the message was given to my Commander that I was going to “be” the DJ, and when he made the announcement public, I felt like I couldn’t let everyone down.  I hired a company to provide the Karaoke and rented the equipment required to augment my laptop and humble USB interface to perform the event.  It didn’t hurt that I already had a pretty decent collection of music from a wide variety of genres.  I was typically that guy who was always responsible for the music at house parties and family functions.  Now, I’d being doing it on stage and in front of a much larger more critical audience of my peers.  The event was an ultimate success and I couldn’t get over how much I loved doing it.  Word began circulating about my accomplishment and the requests began to start pouring in.  In the years that followed, I used all of the revenue earned to purchase and upgrade my equipment and, in no time, I was being hired for larger events and audiences.  The rest is history…”

Venues he has on site work experience with:

Grey Horse Winery

Molon Lave Vineyard

Pavilion on Lakeland Farm 

Mick’s Restaurant and Sports Lounge

Join Base Annacostia Bolling

Carnegie Institute for Science

Mason Inn

Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast

Westin Baltimore Washington