Business is tough, sometimes you just have to laugh and refuel before you can get to the next level. As with any business asset, sometimes you will have to remind yourself to mind your business laughter.

I had 3 venue tours today, several hours drive from one another. I forgot to get gas again after realizing I was already running late. My teen needs to get to the store, I have a teacher meeting at my 8-year old’s school, there is a mountain of laundry on my bed and 112 emails to answer. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner won’t cook themselves. Did I remember to send out my dry cleaning? Can’t forget to post on over 100 social media pages I manage. Voicemails, ahhhh the voice mails. I have 17, my mailbox has been full since noon. People have been texting me that my VM is full. Dreadfully listening to voicemail, why the dread? Voice mails are potential time suckers, some are direct and to the point. But many times VM is someone wanting a quick fix to an issue in their life that is affecting their business and “I just need a minute” usually turns into 2 hours. It’s 10:43pm and I am exhausted! My mind is finished and my greatest desire is to curl up in bed and fall asleep. But I can’t do that just yet. Waking up to unfinished business is not the way I want to start my day, so 30 more minutes and a personal push to cross the finish line of my day.

How do you keep moving forward when you feel overloaded, overextended and overworked? If your attitude is getting sour and your usually charming relationship building style is waning then its time to take action. Get serious about relieving the stress and find a way to laugh. Immediately. Go to YouTube and watch something stupid, pull up some Vine videos, Google Dave Chappelle if you can’t think of anything. There is a reason that so many late night shows exist, we really need a stress reliever in the evening. If you can at least crack a smile then you are on your way to laughter. It takes a lot to make me laugh but when I get going I feel the daily annoyances and stresses getting lighter and fading away. When I start laughing I stop thinking and I can clear my mind. I can focus on the funny & enjoy that feeling. The moment when you stop thinking, you are weightless. If your mind is still racing and reviewing all the things you did, need to do, want to do and should do, you won’t get rest or a good solid sleep anyway.

There is some science behind my advice. According to the Mayo Clinic, “laughter can also stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.” I have links below to some articles on laughter. But research and medical based articles aside, we all know that when we are laughing we are less likely to be negative. Running a business is extremely hard. Every day there are challenges you must resolve. You have guilt about not being the parent you may want to be, or the attentive listener, the baker who delights everyone with an amazing selection of recipes (said in a sarcastic tone as I am jealous of those who bake). Even your friendships can suffer during the building of your business. Some of these issues are small and some seem like mountains. If you are up against a mountain, laugh, you may get an echo and then you will be laughing in good company.

Strength is required to succeed. Becoming weak with fatigue, exhaustion or poor performance can damage your business. Find time to laugh off some of the stresses, daily! If you were told you could get 10,000 more visits to your website by adding a few SEO measures to your site you would do it immediately. Laughing and elevating your mood into a positive upbeat state is appealing to clients and colleagues. They want to work with someone they enjoy. Not someone who is overly serious, grouchy and tired. Tired is not a quality people Google when looking for a service provider! Laugh, giggle, teehee and truly enjoy it. Everything you are trying to do will be a little better once you invest in the time for a few laughs each day.

I would love to hear about your favorite laughing guilty pleasure. What/who can you always count on for a much-needed laugh session? Article link: Article link: