Mind Your Business – Rejection

Business Rejection – are you strong enough to survive LOTS of harsh business rejection on your journey to success? Alexander Graham Bell offered his phone patent to the big dogs over at Western Union, not only did they reject the offer but once they began to see his success & feel the sting of a lost opportunity they enlisted Edison to try to get around the patent process and invent a better mouse trap. After battling for years on patent rights & legitimacy, Bell became a wealthy victor. Bell had Western Union (with the help of Edison) coming after him ruthlessly. How did he find the courage and strength to handle that rejection, maintain a smart fight in court for years and continue to thrive, grow and build? The fight in this underdog was too big to stomp out. How big is the fight in you? Do you have what it takes to overcome business rejection and fight for a hard won business victory?

You will face challenges in business. Successful businesses find solutions. There is a solution to every problem. I am not immune to the hurt or annoyance of business rejection. It happens to everyone. Many times we perceive something as a rejection that may not be rejection at all. Someone could be turning you down because they are not ready or financially secure enough to manage your proposal. You may never know the reason for every perceived or actual business rejection but what matters is how you handle it. Don’t be quick to react or think the worst. Don’t get distracted at all, just continue on the path you were headed and you will find those who think your business idea is brilliant. Success is so sweet, isn’t one really great success worth a few rejections?