Outdoor Venues in Virginia, DC, Maryland and West Virginia offer some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. Regionally you can enjoy breathtaking gardens, mountain views, valleys with patchwork farmland, beautiful beaches, historic properties with the type of charm you can’t find anymore! Modern luxury, rooftop city views, lush green countryside, forest with trees so tall that they touch the sky, state parks, rivers & lakes with sunsets that dance over the water! No matter your particular style we have an outdoor ceremony site that will exceed your expectations. We can help you find tent rental companies to create the covered reception that captures all the natural elements of your outdoor wedding venue. For those of you who love the romance of an outdoor ceremony site & reception but want to ensure your guests are comfortable, you can contact Airpacinc.com for portable air conditioning or heaters to warm/cool tents, barns and historic venues.

Regionally we get to enjoy four seasons and that is an incredible gift from mother nature. Take it from someone who lived in Alaska and Texas where there are only two seasons. In Alaska, you are covered in 5 ft. snow for 9 months and have 3 months of beautiful summer. In Texas, you get 9 months of unbearable heat and humidity with 3 months of 60 degree winters. Here we have it all. We have beautiful summers with many 80 degree days allowing comfort for indoor & outdoor ceremonies. Spring can be a bit chilly but the flowers & gorgeous greenery creates demand for outdoor weddings in April-May & June. Fall weddings have become so popular that most Sept. & Oct. Saturdays are booked up a year in advance. Farm weddings are in demand all year around but in the fall the décor, landscape and farms seems to mesh together for a perfect wedding setting. Our wedding vendors stay busy in the winter with historic venues, banquet and ballroom spaces that bring warmth to your winter wedding.

As you can see, there is something for every bride. If you are experiencing difficulty finding your perfect venue then please contact didi@vawenetwork.com. Everything we do for our brides & grooms is FREE. We are not wedding planners more like wedding vendor/bride matchmakers. Selecting the right venue in vital to the success of your wedding. Every venue listed on VAWE Network is a Fair Practices Venue, meaning they do not charge hidden fees and they do not charge your vendors to work at their venue. Fair Practices Venues appreciate their vendors and help the vendors to make sure your wedding requests are accommodated. Choose wisely, we can help!

Happy Planning!