They say wonderful things come in small packages, very true if we are talking about wedding rings and petite weddings! Brides & Grooms are opting for small weddings of 50 guest or less. A small wedding means you can splurge when your spending for 25 instead of 200. Some couples choose a small guest list not because their budgets are small, but because they can pull out all the stops and have a truly lavish wedding. You indulge in more decadent wants instead of staying with your needs list only. Imagine getting to choose musicians, more elegant catering, beautiful centerpieces dripping with fresh flowers, a higher spending limit for your wedding gown or maybe a once in a lifetime honeymoon to Paris! Having a petite wedding might make some of these desirable wish list items a reality.

Petite weddings allow you to spend more time with your guests. How many weddings have you attended where you felt like a stranger? A small intimate wedding is for the VIP guest list only, everyone who attends is well known and well loved. You will be able to spend more time with your guests so they feel more at home at your wedding. A small wedding will give you the opportunity to get your loved ones more involved in your special day. DIY Brides might find it less intimidating to put together a DIY wedding on a smaller scale.

If a petite wedding is a perfect fit for you then please give us a call so that we can call around and find out which petite wedding venues have your preferred wedding date available. We can help you schedule your venue tour and find a venue that will truly appreciate your wedding and actually enjoy working with smaller weddings. Whether you have a party for 2 elopements or a wedding for 45 guests, we can help you connect with the right venues and vendors. Call Didi Russell for a customized petite wedding plan. 540-395-1752