In January, as the metro DC area braced for record snow fall, I was packing up my car with camera gear and tons of hand warmers to meet Kate and her bridesmaids for her and Tyler’s Alexandria local, Great Gatsby styled wedding. When Kate and I first sat down in May she had told me how much she was hoping it would snow on her wedding day – the Wednesday before it I emailed her letting her know to maybe tone the snow dances down next time. The snow hadn’t even started when I left to meet up with her, but when I arrived I could tell that the impending storm was causing anxiety. Not only had their honeymoon been postponed that weekend, but their church organ player had cancelled, as well as their DJ. Even with all of that, Kate was calm and took any changes in the day with such ease. Never once did she even think about canceling. Today was her and Tyler’s day – blizzard or no.

By the time she was dressed and opening Tyler’s exceptionally sweet gift, the snow had started falling. Perfect beautiful non-blizzard snow and her excitement was visible. I remember as we walked outside into the snow her face absolutely lit up. Her fur shawl around her shoulders, her bridesmaid’s dresses are a beautiful contrast to the white fluffy snow. She had snow on her wedding day just like she wanted, and she was marrying the love of her life and best friend Tyler. To say their love and devotion to each other is palpable when they look at each other is an understatement.

I met them over a year prior to their wedding and the first photo I ever took of them is how I will always see them happy, in sync with each other, and madly in love. I found their unwillingness to change their wedding plans in the face of a record storm to be a testament to their marriage to come. Not to mention the resilience of their friends and family day of. Not only did they put up with us dragging them into the cold for photos, they ensured Kate and Tyler had music during their ceremony and their reception. Such loving friends stepping up in a time of need. I can’t say how grateful I feel to have been there to capture it – although it involved many hand warmers, snow boots, and unfavorable driving conditions, it was beautiful and perfect. It ended with bride and groom, killin’ it on the dance floor with their family and friends as we got closer to a foot of snow on the ground. Huge grins on their faces, waving their wedding rings at each other and ready for anything life throws at them.