Eden Try

Eden Try is a stunning 12 acre estate and private winery in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.  It is ideally located mid-way between Washington, DC, and Richmond, Virginia, on the I-95 corridor.  It is being offered for the first time in its proud history for weddings, special events, reunions, and private parties. 


Although the estate is now being offered for weddings and events, Eden Try still serves as the private residence of its current owners much like its original beginnings. Eden Try was named by the original owner who was a horticulturist.  He toured the formal gardens, castles, and estates of old-Europe and lectured on his findings in the United States.  He was an expert in the field and tried to recreate what he saw at his own estate: his goal was recreating the “Garden of Eden” in Virginia. Eden Try simply means “A try at the Garden of Eden”.  Befitting its name, and carrying on its grand tradition, Eden Try was selected to participate in the prestigious Virginia Garden Tour.