Sylvia Kibler photography at Guildford Farm

Inspiration for the wedding day: We wanted to keep our wedding day very personal, which was why we chose to get married at Guildford Farm in the first place! Jonny’s family owns the Guildford Farm and it was where he took Katie home to meet his parents for the first time. This personal connection, plus the beauty and elegance of the property, made it an absolutely perfect place to say our vows. Our main inspiration for the wedding was just to be true to ourselves. The biggest compliment we received about our wedding was that it matched both of our personalities so well. We mixed Jonny’s laid back country style with Katie’s love for simplistic, neutral design.

About Katie: Katie grew up in Maryland and pursued a career in elementary education. She loves traveling, staying active, cooking, and spending time with family and friends!

About Jonny: Jonny loves sports, family, fishing, anything involving the outdoors. He is a business man Monday through Friday, but a country boy at heart. He grew up in central Virginia, where his parents now own Guildford Farm. He had a great time watching his old bedroom (painted Duke blue) be transformed into a pink bridal suit!

Their Love Story: Figures, due to our love of football, we met at a tailgate at FedEx Stadium. After a few weeks of phone calls and texting, we met for our first date in Baltimore, MD, where Katie was living at the time. To make a long story short, we quickly fell in love and started a 2-year long-distance relationship full of FaceTime and traffic jams on 495 and 95 between MD and Northern VA. In November of 2013, Jonny took Katie to Guildford Farm to spend a weekend with his family. After a 4-wheel ride around the property, he read her a letter he had written about their love and popped the question.

What’s Next: Traveling! We know that life only gets more hectic as you get older, so we are taking the next new years to travel as many places as we can! Our next trip is on the West Coast road-tripping around sunny California!

Do-it-yourself: Do it yourself is definitely a great budget-friendly option. However, taking on too many projects on our own can be stressful! We were lucky enough to have friends and family who loaned us some of their DIY decorations, so we did not have to take it on all by ourselves. We went with the “less is more” outlook and kept the DIY small and simple. This allowed us to put a special touch on our wedding without putting any added stress on top of the wedding planning.

Words of Wisdom: Wedding planning advice…don’t sweat the small stuff! There are so many details that go into a wedding and some require a great deal of thought and preparation; like your guest list and caterer, for example. However, don’t let small things like napkin colors and cup sizes keep you up at night! Wedding day advice …slow down! Thanks to the advice from our family and friends, we took time to ourselves on our wedding day. The day goes by quickly so we seized every opportunity to really take in our surroundings and enjoy the special moment we were sharing with the people we loved around us. Relax and have fun, it is your day…and it’s going to be perfect!

Sylvia Kibler photography at Guildford Farm featured vendors:

DJ: DJ Stroud
Photo Booth: Bhoto Booth of Charlottesville
Food: Hank’s BBQ