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The Barn Artist Is Giving New Life To Local Historic Treasures

This week as I was researching wedding venues and found an article on The Barn Artist. The Barn Artist, Scott Hagan is bringing new life to beautiful historic barns all over the country. I grew up in Texas and never thought much about barns until I got older and associated them with my childhood. Back then they were functional to the uses of the farm, they were not known for hosting events. When I moved to the east coast about 13 years ago and started touring wedding venues I got to see these historic barns up close and learn about the history. I am amazed at the craftsmanship that enables these buildings to endure over 100 to 200 years of wear and tear. That alone makes these historic barns so impressive and so special. Barns are not just old time storage units, they are part of our local history entwined with the families who build them and the communities they serviced in various ways.  We have roads and small towns named after the barns or the families who built them. It is easy to see the romantic allure of a barn and why so many couples love to have weddings and special events in them. When Scott Hagan paints these barns he is giving them a whole new audience of people who pass them, stop, admire, take pictures from the roadside and even knock on the owners door to tell them how much they love the artwork. Scott Hagan says he would like to paint a barn in every state, well Scott, I would love to see that you reach your goal. Please read more about the Barn Artist below and share this blog with barn owners you know. There are barn owners out there who would love to work with Scott and share his art with their communities. 

Do you know of a local barn venue that might be interested in painting their barn? Let us know, post in the comments. Visit The Barn Artist website or find him on Facebook: 

The first image I saw while scrolling around was a huge American flag on a barn in Pennsylvania and I was hooked. Scott is commissioned to pain these barns by owners who have a message to share. It is

How long have you been painting?
I was paid to paint my first barn in 1997,so 20 years
Please share about the first barn you painted?
When was this and how did it come about? In ’97 I wanted to see how big I could paint, so I thought my dad’s barn was the biggest thing I could find. I did the whole thing from a ladder, no scaffolding. 
Wedding Barn
How many barns have you painted? How many states have you painted barns in (which states)?
 I don’t know how many barns I have painted. I may have kept better track had I known it would be a career endeavor. I do know I painted at least one barn in every county in Ohio, and I am up to 19 states. From California, North Dakota, Florida, New York and lots in between. 
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How long does it usually take for you to finish a barn from beginning to end?
“Many painting average 2-3 days, but I had one barn take 11 days. That one was unique as I painted all four sides including a camouflage background. Usually I work a 10-14 hour day.”
Can you share how much work and talent goes into painting one barn?
“There can be extensive labor at times if and when the barn needs prepped for painting. Setting up my scaffolding, climbing the ladders, pressure washing and then also hand scraping the surface, then I use a paint sprayer along with a hand brush to work the paint into the wood. I like the job best when the barn is ready for the artwork and needs no prep. As far as the artwork itself there isn’t as much labor other than standing all day and holding the weight of the paint pail in one hand and brushing with the other. The sun is either my friend or enemy depending on the time of year or temperatures. I try to work in the shade in the summer but it is not always possible.”
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Of the total number of barns you have painted, how many have American flags painted on them?
“I don’t know how many for sure but there must be at least 30. I do know that if I only painted American flags and nothing else I would be happy! I am very hopeful that one day I can find a sponsor to aid me in painting one flag barn in every state.”
Are there some barns you can’t work on? “Barns with batten strips are no fun, and steel siding is the hardest thing I paint. There is still a need to hand paint signs and that may be why I keep busy.” 
How are barn owners finding you? Or are you finding them and reaching out to them? “Pretty much all of my work comes from word of mouth or the web/social media. I am proof you can find anything on the internet!”
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Can you share why having the American flag painted on their barn is important to these farm owners? Things they may have shared with you.
“Some barn owners are veterans, many owners just have pride in their country. Some owners want the the barn painting to share with others passing by, and I’ve also painted in private places where only the land owner will see. I usually leave the barn with new friends- at one place in particular, the owner still sends me messages often as to who has stopped to take pictures in front of the barn, people asking them permission to take senior photos, wedding pics, pictures with their cars and bikes and family pictures. My favorite is a little league all-star team photo with the barn directly behind. At this particular location, I think the barn painting added something special to the community. 
There are many times I feel like I am working inside a country magazine with the absolute beauty of the land behind me, crops swaying in the wind, tractors in the distance working the field, witnessing the most spectacular sunsets you can imagine and looking up at a night sky without light pollution to dull the stars.
Almost everywhere I go people have a story to tell, I think my memories of each are endless. It really would make for a great show. It’s really interesting to have been part of peoples lives for a few days. I LOVE my job, and painting the RED, WHITE and BLUE is just an awesome thing to get to do! I am blessed beyond belief, I thank my Lord for this opportunity!”