The Business of Weddings

The Venue & Vendor relationship is vital to the success of the local wedding & event industry. If you run a venue you rely on professional vendors to carry out excellent service and make sure guests are thrilled with the experience. Vendors should value the relationship they have with venues that refer them. Most vendors support the venue with referrals, promotion, social media support and motivation to maintain an excellent level of service (investing in their image, sites, adv. appearance & equipment). When the venue does not understand the value of the vendor OR the vendor does not understand the value of the venue then the balance is off and you have lack luster events coming from that venue. Vendors are vital to the success of a venue. Vendors work very hard to make the venue shine. I sincerely hope that our wedding industry professionals will join us in our effort to make sure the venues AND vendors are being supported, valued and committed to fair practices!

Building strong vendor – venue relationships creates successful and impressive weddings & events. It also helps to ensure a healthy wedding community.

Please join this page and help us in our effort to connect vendor and venues together: