Venue Tour – Farmhouse Chic at Cheesecake Farms Bed & Breakfast

Cheesecake Farm Bed & Breakfast is a Virginia countryside treasure. I have seen photos many times but on my drive out to Summerduck Virginia I was surprised to see so much more charm than photos can convey. Once you turn onto the country road lined with lush trees leading to the farmhouse you get the feeling this is something special. I was greeted first by a horse statue wearing a fall wreath and then came upon the big white barn with horses. The farmhouse was just ahead, smile begins. This hunt country style farm is managed by Karla and Tony Seidita. Two of the friendliest venue owners I have met in years of visits. Karla is instantly warm and sincerely welcoming, I felt like we had been old friends. The farmhouse has a table just inside the door featuring books Karla has written and seasonings she recommends to foodies and chefs that visit the farm. You will also see vintage & antique furniture, incredible art, delicious local wines and china – lots of incredible china everywhere.

Karla & I went on a tour of the property and I was so excited I forgot that it was winter. As we headed toward the barn Karla showed me the open areas where she plans to host wedding this spring (2015). Guests will know have the pleasure of staying in several suites in the converted barn and/or in the farmhouse suites. The décor in each room is very hunt country meets Virginia country elegance. The rooms are perfectly put together with bright reds, rich greens and gold accents. Paintings of horses or history and décor that is sturdy and masculine yet warm and inviting. The rooms are all very bright with large bathrooms, plush towels, billowy bath robes and windows with views of the farm horses and farm land. We stopped to visit the horses and a small creek running through the property before going back to the main house.

Karla was so kind to treat me to lunch and a 30 minute planned chat that turned into 3 hours of lively conversation, coffee and incredible delights on the menu. Karla has a passion for food and it has afforded her many unique experiences. She owned a restaurant in old town Fredericksburg, she supplied her incredible cheesecakes to cruise ships for many years, giving her baking an international audience. Karla’s cheesecakes were legendary. Heads of state, landed gentry, corporate giants and movie stars all enjoyed Karla’s desserts. She is a published writer with notable books, Kara’s Great Cheesecakes, Tummy Yummies and Dishing Up Virginia. I was treated to an incredible creamy lasagna with rustic root vegetables, butternut squash soup, a salad and a decadent oatmeal cookie sandwich that was beyond huge and delightful. The experience was so warm, an instant feeling of belonging and comfort. I can’t imagine anyone feeling out of place at Cheesecake Farm Bed & Breakfast.

I hope that our couples and vendors will connect with Karla to view this one of a kind farmhouse chic venue and accommodation. I am looking forward to being invited to some of the outdoor weddings, tented weddings, barn weddings and rustic elegant weddings she will host. We are excited to hear about some upcoming photo shoots and will share the photos when we get them. You can find information on their website at and on Facebook here:  We recommend following them on Facebook where you can find blog entry updates, recipes and events. Karla is a lovely hostess that truly enjoys making her guests smile and never want to leave. Please let us know if you visit, if you get engaged here or married here.

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