Wedding Business Background Check

REGISTER YOUR WEDDING! VAWE Network has created a central location where every wedding venue and vendor can create a valid, verifiable work history – The Wedding Business Background Check. By registering your wedding we can begin to track your experience with the venue you book and every vendor you hire. Each vendor will have an official wedding ID Badge clearly showing their business name, contact info, up to date insurance, photo, EIN#, business license (if applicable), certifications, website and ID Badge number. Once you have the ID Badge Number you can log on and pull up a venue or vendor and view their business background and work history. You can add comments in the work history of each vendor you hire. Every detail that impressed you or created an inconvenience or hardship for you can be documented. This information is private and will not be accessible unless someone has a vendor ID Badge Number. We are creating a professional work history for venues and vendors. In order to create a wedding industry background and work history we must have feedback from clients (engaged couples and family of engaged couples), venue owners and fellow vendors.

Why are venue or vendor backgrounds and work history important?

Protect Your Investment: Brides & grooms will invest $15,000 to $50,000 on average for their wedding. This type of investment should be protected and those you choose to invest in should be able to provide a detailed work history and background from former clients, venues and vendors.

Peace of mind: Ensure that the vendors you hire have a verifiable work history and positive business background report.

Safety: You may invite 100 to 200 guests to your wedding. If you hire the wrong vendors you could put your guests and wedding venue at risk. Caterers should have a long history of food safety training & certification, DJ’s have lots of equipment they bring to a venue, planners need to excel in leaderships and problem solving, venues must allow your vendors the access and ability to do the job you hired them to do. Safety at your wedding is vital and if anything happens you want to make sure all your vendors are licensed or registered with the State Corporation Commission and covered with appropriate, up to date insurance. These are basic tools of the trade and a successful, professional business owner should have not problem uploading proof of these in our system.

Excellent Service: If your vendors are required to showcase their business background before you hire them, they are more likely to manage at least a basic level of standards & performance. They know other brides and venues may pull up this information.

Options: Many wedding venues will require that your vendors to have a VAWE Network Wedding ID Badge in order to provide service on the day of the wedding. If you choose vendors who do not have an ID Badge and a verified background & work history then you may reduce your venue options. Venues must be insured and endure high fees to make sure they are compliant with state regulations. It is not reasonable to increase the liability of the venue by hiring undocumented, uninsured workers.

Valuable Information: Every report that the bride, vendors and venues offer for the Wedding Industry Background Check provides vital, valuable information that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Small Business Support: Participating in this Vendor Background Check will help us celebrate and uplift outstanding wedding industry business owners. Other sites charge your vendors $100 to $1000 each month to be listed. Vendors participating with VAWE Network only pay $200 per year. These savings help small business owners thrive, it also keeps the cost of weddings reasonable, fair and affordable.

There is an estimated 1000 wedding venues in Virginia alone! Each venue may host 50 weddings a year, if 10 vendors on average service each wedding that means every venue could have 500 vendors coming and going from their venue each year, undocumented with no way to track or follow their work history. It is 2016 and there should be a central system where all venues and vendors can easily be documented, located with an accurate work history available to review before you hire. Every wedding venue and vendor should have an easy to find wedding vendor background reports. Please help us create the biggest, most reliable wedding business background system. By registering your wedding via the form below we can begin tracking your wedding experience and documenting the good, bad and indifferent. Your comments may create changes in the wedding industry that help make a difference for other brides, grooms, venues and vendors. Please register your wedding here and let us create a business background and work history for your vendors. Everything VAWE Network does for engaged couples is FREE, there are no fees or costs for you to participate.

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