Wedding In A Box

Wedding In A Box was launched two years ago and is our most popular program among engaged couples in VA, DC, MD, WV. When a couple books a wedding venue or purchases her wedding dress they are eligible for a Wedding In A Box. Couples who have not booked a venue are eligible but we hold their reserved box until they actually book a venue in our network. This way we know our brides & grooms are 100% real, investing in their wedding and looking for your business services. Our typical couple budget is $19,000 to $29,000. When a couple registers for a Wedding in A Box we verify the registration and that registration will be emailed to participating vendors the couple requested. We have over 100 verified wedding registrations each month – leads that go to participating vendors.

16 bridal boutiques have become Wedding In A Box hosts, this means that every bride purchasing a gown from local boutiques will get a Wedding In A Box to qualified brides. Wedding In A Box vendors items will go directly into the hands of qualified brides & grooms at the beginning of their planning process. Wedding venues offer a Wedding In A Box to brides & grooms who book their venue. Every couple must fill out the registration form so that participating vendors can contact the couples for follow up.

Get YOUR Business In Wedding In A Box!

Vendors pay a small annual membership fee of $200. Participating vendors provide 40 promotional items each month. There is a video below showing the boxes and the items other vendors add to the boxes. This program is so much more cost effective for small business owners than traditional over priced advertising. Brides LOVE these free luxury gift boxes, the venues love offering these to their couples and the bridal boutiques are thrilled to have them for their clients as well. Having access to brides & grooms who have just booked a venue or purchased a gown puts us in a unique position of having access to the most qualified couples first. We get your items into their hands the moment they need you the most and before they have hired anyone else. We would love to have your services in Wedding in A Box. The boxes are given out to brides every day, as soon as we get your items we can begin connecting your business with the best brides & grooms in your service area.

There is so much more to being a member than just participating in Wedding In A Box. We have bi monthly business development workshops online for all to enjoy from home or work. We have an incredible cutting edge website featuring our vendors and venues listings for brides & grooms to search. We have monthly events where brides and grooms come to pick up their Wedding In A Box and vendors can attend the events for free to meet couples. Many couples book vendors at these events. We have over 120 wedding social media pages that advertise to brides & grooms. We are linked on hundreds of wedding industry websites bringing attention to our vendor search on and We help our vendors get listed on wedding venue & vendor resource lists and we help our vendors connect with one another for networking. So, while Wedding In A Box is our most popular program, we are a total resource to help small business owners grow and succeed!

If you have any questions about the Wedding In A Box program please let me know.