Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues come in all styles and no two seem to be exactly alike. Our region offers incredible wedding venues surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery, which must be seen to be believed. VA, DC, MD, WV Wedding Venues are so gorgeous that hundreds of thousand of images are published each year on some of the most popular blogs & magazines. Much of our time at VAWE Network is spent touring the venues and gathering images and information for our couples. Visiting wedding venues is one of the best parts of working in the wedding industry. We get to tour barns, luxury ballrooms, banquet spaces, countryside inns, historic manor houses, city rooftops, wineries, bed & breakfasts, mountainside pavilions and petite venues – and we love them all!

On this page, you will find every type of venue you could possibly want. We can help you refine your search and find a perfect place for your big day. If you register on our site we will contact venues for you, find the ones that have your special day still available and schedule your venue tours. If you select a VAWE Network venue you will get a gift bag with offers and savings worth over $2000 in gifts, offers and savings for the best wedding industry professionals in the region. If you have found yourself short on planning time, if you have a very large guest list of 500 or more, if you have unique requests then please contact us first. VAWE Network CEO Didi Russell has visited hundreds of wedding venues. All her research and information is available through our venue tour blogs. Selecting a venue is your first step on your wedding journey. Make sure you choose a venue that commits to Fair Practices, these are venues who refuse to charge couples hidden fees. Contact us for FREE help finding your venue and information on how to avoid hidden fees by selecting Fair Practices Venues.

Happy Touring!